Wouldn’t you love to get your kid off the smart phone and doing something with their hands besides texting? Remember how much fun you had as a kid building models and playing with fantasy action figures like fairies, pixies, princesses, dragons, and mermaids? Don’t you think it would be great if your child could have that experience so they will also have fond memories and even carry on a family tradition for generations to come?


This Pixie Pop Princess is Grace, the fourth pixie in the Little Lovelies collection. She comes with royal purple, grape taffy lavender, mustard yellow and honeycomb brown paint, gold glitter, and her corresponding wings. No two pixies are alike. You can put her together any way you like. Paint her any combination of colors and patterns. Nobody will own a pixie exactly like yours.


The Pixie Pop Kit is named after this colorful winged creature which we call a pixie, but you can call her a fairy, nymph, sprite, angel, anything you want. The “pop” part of her name comes from the fact that she is made partly of popsicle sticks. But don’t think that’s all that’s in the box. There is everything else you’ll need to build her, too.


The contents of the box include enough popsicle sticks, plus a wooden disk for the head, four strands of yarn in burgundy, blonde, black and silver for her hair, wooden wings made with 1/8 inch birch, custom designed and laser cut at a local makerspace, a hanger to attach to the back of the pixie so you can display her, four colors of non-toxic acrylic craft paint (which are different for every pixie), two skin tone colors of paint (mix to get your desired skin tone), two paint brushes, a small bottle of glue, and because she wouldn’t be a pixie without it, a container of glitter (gold or silver depending on the pixie you choose.)


The best thing about this kit is the full color, step by step, child friendly instruction manual. Made with fun colors, easy to follow directions, and little pixies scattered throughout the pages, you’ll have no trouble putting your pixie together. There’s also a card that has our contact info so if you find you are missing something or your paint has dried out (all paint eventually dries out) you may reach out to us and we will promptly send you a free replacement.


This Pixie Pop kit was designed for ages 6 and up due to it containing small parts which can create a choking hazard to younger kids.


When you purchase a product from Mystical Maidens you are supporting a handmade artisan. These pixies are hand assembled in a little home studio on the outskirts of a small New England town of Brandon, Vermont, USA. We are very grateful for your purchase.

Pixie Pop Princess Grace, DIY Fantasy Themed Craft Kit

  • This pixie is part of the Little Lovelies collection and is kit #9. The simplicity of her wing design makes her especially suited for older children's parties. Adult supervision is suggested for children under 12 years old. 

    She comes with everything in the photo, with mustard yellow, brown, royal purple and lilac lavender paint. Gold or silver glitter is available upon request. Also comes with 4 pieces of yarn so you can choose your haircolor, plus light and dark paint for skin, (you can mix the two to reach your desired skin tone.) Decorate it any way you like. 

    Cute as the pixie is, remember, the fun part is making her. And it's even more fun when you do it with a group led by the creator, who will give you tips and tricks that she has learned along the way. It's a great way of meeting new people and making connections. (Currently classes are being held online in Facebook Rooms due to the pandemic.)

    Use as a good luck charm, hang in your cubicle at work or in your locker at school. Wear as jewelry like a pendant or a pin. Place a magnet on the back and use on the refrigerator. Place a suction cup from hook on back and hang in a window. The possibilities are endless. 


  • Due to the handmade nature of this product, it is only returnable if it is damaged during packaging or shipping. If anything leaks or is broken, please take a photo of the kit and email it to me. I will issue you a refund or send a replacement, whichever you choose. If you are missing a piece that keeps you from completing your pixie, let me know which piece it is. I will send you a replacement. 

    After securing a place in the Pixie Pop Party of your choice, please let me know if you can't make it. Space is limited and notifying me allows me to make that spot available for another pixie lover. 

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