Pixie Pop Premade Dolls


Premade Pixie Pop Dolls

Before the Pixie Pop Princess kit, there was the premade doll. It started as angels and fairies for a few close friends at Christmas 2018. People loved it so much, they encouraged me to sell them. They were called Destiny Darlings back then. The pixie kit came later, as well as wooden wings. About the time they became popular, COVID-19 isolation made it clear that people wanted something to do rather than something to look at, so the dolls were abandoned, and the kits were invented. 

With craft fairs and festivals back in full swing, I've had a lot of requests for premade dolls again. So, here they are.

Each doll is an original "one-of-a-kind" (although I can make another of the same design, but with subtle differences due to its handmade nature.)