Welcome to the World of the Wee Folk

Berkshire Mountain Fairy Festival

Mystical Maidens makes fun fairytale fantasy themed children's craft kits that give families an opportunity to bond by providing fun craft projects that they can do together. It promotes creativity, imagination, and conversation between generations.

I am a solo run business located in Vermont. I operate out of a home studio, where everything from designing to shipping happens. I don't outsource any of my tasks, and buy from and employ local whenever I can. Like the craft kits themselves, my business is small and a work in progress.


I started my company in 2017 out of my dining room. At that time the business was called Destiny Darlings. My original products were pre-assembled angel and fairy dolls. I started selling at craft fairs in 2018, and I built the e-commerce store shortly thereafter.

Everyone really loved the dolls, but when COVID-19 hit and people were isolated in their homes, I got the idea to sell the dolls unassembled in a kit. 


So one day I sat down and came up with a new design, which I named the Pixie Pop Princess. This was my flagship product. Since then I have introduced other products, but my roots always come back to what I call pixies.

When I'm not in the studio you are most likely to find me at craft fairs and festivals. Recently I decided to start traveling around the country going to Faerie and Fantasy festivals. You can see a full list of where I will be on the where to find me page.